Chess Queen-Pin up Art

I just finished one pin up art piece I titled “Chess Queen”.  I love the game, and I have wanted to do a chess art pin up for a while now. So, this is the first one of a series I am currently working on.

Chess Queen- pin-up art painting by artist Diana Durham

Chess Queen- pin-up painting. Acrylics and mixed media on board

The Chess Queen pin up art is done in acrylic and mixed media. I used a different method than other times- one where I relied more on adding thin layers upon layers of paint, mixed in with pencils and pens. I used the airbrush sparingly this time- I wanted thinner layers and more defined lines. When airbrushing, I sometimes have to use templates and friskets- and I personally don’t like them. So, I tried the paintbrush- it does take longer, but I don’t have to worry about cutting friskets. I still used the airbrush once in a while- but much less than in other paintings.

The goal was to render with paint.

You can also purchase the original painting and posters.

Original Chess queen pin-up painting by pin-up artist Diana Durham. Acrylics and mixed media. 30x20 inches
$1900.00 New

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